Reinvigorating the spirit of camping, the dream of the cabin in the woods and the pleasure of waking up in the middle of nature. All this in full comfort and with the unique experience offered by our canvas and wood accommodations.

Our name says it all: a “hut” is a summary shelter and “utopia” is an ideal. For more than 20 years, we have been developing, refining and expanding our unique concept of outdoor resorts, combining nature, comfort and aesthetics in preserved natural sites while adapting to the culture and spirit of our surroundings.

We invite you to explore with us.


Huttopia [pronounced, “hyoo-topia”] is a family-owned and independent company started by Céline and Philippe Bossanne, lovers of the art of camping and the great outdoors. After living in Toronto for a few years, Céline and Philippe returned to France inspired by what they experienced in their travels to Canadian and American National Parks. It was then that the idea of Huttopia emerged.
They cherished being able to pitch tents in the heart of beautiful, natural spaces and sharing that experience with friends and family. And they wanted to give others the opportunity to have those kinds of experiences as well. This was the start of something that people have since come to refer to as the “art of camping.” Combining nature, comfort and a sense of aesthetics, this approach laid the foundation for what has come to be more widely known as “glamping.”
Céline and Philippe wanted to facilitate access to nature for families with children, offering them comfortable and accessible accommodations. The inspiration for the brand came from the tents of the Canadian Trappers, from cabins in the woods, and from simple and authentic moments shared between family and friends.

The Huttopia adventure began with a small, rural campsite in the Alps in France in 2000. Today, there are more than 60 Huttopia locations on three continents, with more preparing to open in 2022 and beyond.

Over the years we have developed our own step-by-step process for identifying ideal locations, planning and developing sites, choosing where individual tents, chalets or tiny homes are located, and more, including having tents manufactured to our own specifications. Most importantly, people and a desire to continually innovate and improve are at the heart of every project. Today, Huttopia remains a family business, majority-owned and managed by its founders.



Being sincere in our actions, our work, our relationships and our words gives Huttopia an overall coherence that our teams, customers and partners notice immediately. This consistency makes it easy for everyone to understand our philosophy. It is simply a matter of honesty.


Our core business, camping, is simple by nature. We do not have a culture of the superfluous but rather of the essential. In our relationships and in our products, we are always looking for the greatest simplicity that will make life easier for our customers, partners and teams. Simplicity is never the path to ease. It requires effort and work.


It allows new paths to be opened, to be different. Whether to find solutions to small everyday problems or to invent a revolutionary product, the most important thing is to dare to imagine. Imagination makes the impossible possible. It enables innovation.

Our work is both simple and exciting: Finding beautiful natural sites, settling down without damaging them by enhancing the nature and culture of the place, installing light and reversible equipment, very well integrated into the landscape. Then inviting rather urban families looking for a simple and direct contact with nature, to come and share moments of relaxation and discovery in respect of the environment.

Philippe Bossanne, founder of Huttopia