What does a holiday in our ‘wood and canvas’ camps consist of? Huttopia is the continuation of the summer camps. Summer resorts to spend a holiday with your loved ones. They are all located in the heart of nature, in forests, on the banks of lakes, rivers and ponds.

Huttopia pitches its tent in exceptional natural sites and invites you to share it with them.

Wood and canvas accommodation
On-site restaurant
Heated pool
Family activities

Huttopia is all about shared moments...

We’re vacation resorts. Our guests are invited to use our services on each camp: an outdoor swimming pool, a café and bistro area with fresh and unique menus for each meal, a well-stocked grocery store and a Huttopia boutique for quality souvenirs and objects. We also organize activities all summer long: live outdoor music, magic shows that will leave you speechless, storytellers for the kids, yoga classes to relax to the sounds of nature…

Everything is designed to ensure that you have an exceptional holiday and that you come home with a head full of memories.

What's a Huttopia resort?

All of our camps offer between 70 and 100 accommodations, including Trappeur Tents, Canadian Tents, Bonaventure Tents, as well as our Chalets and Vista Tiny Houses. At Huttopia, we favour ‘living together’. We have created living centres and play areas for children and adults alike. The best childhood vacation memories are those where you could meet friends, run with them, play, be adventurous (under the amused eye of the parents). Our accommodations are arranged so that everyone has their own private space and is surrounded by nature, yet they are still close to each other. Holidays at Huttopia are not spent ‘alone on a desert island’.

At Huttopia, we’d rather have company than be lost alone on our island of Utopia.

Our spirit 'à la française'

The idea for Huttopia may have emerged in North America, but it is indeed a French brand. Our DNA was crafted on the other side of the Atlantic, and when you stay with us, you will feel it. Start your day with a cup of espresso (a real one!) and pastries, just like in a Parisian café. Interact with our bilingual staff and our managers who often have a French accent rather than an American one. Celebrate with us on July 14th, France’s national holiday. Drink good wine, enjoy a crepe with sugar like in Brittany, discover our little French touches throughout the site…

Discover with us the simplicity of the French way of life and slow down…



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