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I haven’t made my choice of destination yet, how do I choose my destination?

You can search for a destination in the following ways:
> On our website: To help you choose from our many destinations, you can consult the DESTINATIONS tab or use the search bar.
> You can also contact us by phone at +1 844 488 8674, we will be happy to advise you and help you find the ideal destination.

I found my destination, how can I book ?

You can book directly online, by clicking on BOOK (green button) in the upper right corner. Availability is displayed in real time and our payment system is secure. You can also choose to contact our travel consultants by phone at +1 844 488 8674. They will be able to inform you about the destination, the availability… To book your stay, you will have to pay the total amount of the stay according to the rate and the reservation date.

Are you open during Winter ?

For the time being, none of our sites are open in winter in North America. However, you can enjoy the Huttopia Chalets of Huttopia Sutton (Quebec, Canada) in l’Hôtel Horizon during winter.

What is the minimum and maximum length of stay ?

For rental accommodation, the minimum stay varies according to the destination and the time of year (between 1 and 3 nights minimum). You can make a price simulation by clicking on the BOOK button (in green) on the top right of all the pages of the website. Reservations for more than 30 nights are not possible on the internet, please contact the travel agency by phone at +1 844 488 8674.



Can I see a map of the camp ?

Yes, the maps of the camps are available online on each destination’s pages, next to the name of the camp and the photo gallery.

Can I choose a location or specify a preference?

Site numbers are assigned randomly. If you wish to select a specific location number, a preference fee will apply. You can contact us by phone directly at +1 844 488 8674

How to book several pitches or accommodations at the same time, or side by side?

Our website allows you to book two accommodations at a time. To book more than two accommodations, contact our travel agency by phone at +1 844 488 8674 (a preference fee per accommodation will apply if you would like to be side by side.)

Are the properties accessible to people with reduced mobility?

All of our sites have sanitary facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility. However, the natural configuration of the sites (steep gradients, stony paths, etc.) can make getting around some of the villages very difficult. Before making your reservation, we recommend you contact our central office at +1 844 488 8674 for assistance.

Are pets allowed ?

Yes, pets are welcome! We charge a small supplement. Dangerous or aggressive animals and category 1 and 2 dogs are not allowed on our sites. Your pet must be vaccinated and kept on a leash. Pets are not allowed to enter the pool area. We also ask that you do not leave your pets alone in the accommodations or let them climb on the furniture.

How many vehicles can I have per pitch or rental?

Only one vehicle is included in the price of your pitch or rental. In the spirit of Huttopia, we try to limit vehicle traffic on our sites to reduce noise and disruption. Any additional vehicle will be subject to a supplemental fee. In addition, unless noted otherwise, parking is only allowed in designed parking lots.

Can I access my accommodation with my car?

We do not allow guests to drive up to their accommodation with their car, as we try to limit vehicle traffic on our sites to reduce noise and disruption. You will be able to park in an assigned parking lot, a few minutes walk from your accommodation. We provide luggage carts so you can carry your luggage. Some of our sites might have steep walks to some accommodations, please inquire upon arrival or during your reservation.



How do I check availability and calculate the price of my stay?

To know the exact price for the requested dates, you can simulate a reservation on our platform, by clicking on the green BOOK button (top right) once you have selected your destination and your dates of stay, we will display the available accommodations and their prices. The price displayed at this stage is the price of the accommodation (or the pitch) only, excluding options, taxes and possible discounts.

What is included in my rate?

With your booking, you have access to all the free or paying infrastructures and services of the site. Included in the price are: access to the swimming pool, petanque, wifi in the living centers, activities, playground, foosball… However, the following are not included in the price: additional services and rentals, food and drinks, equipment rentals such as bicycles or kayaks…

How do offers and promotions apply?

If you wish to benefit from a Promo Code, please enter it at the time of your reservation after having selected your destination, the dates of your stay and the accommodation / location. You can also communicate it to our travel consultants during your reservation by phone. Offers and promotions are never retroactive.

What is the difference between ZEN and STANDARD rates?

> The Zen rate allows you to cancel or modify your reservation up to 7 days before your arrival.
> The Standard rate allows you to cancel or modify your reservation (up to 30 days before your arrival) under certain conditions.
More about our rates




When will I receive my booking confirmation?

The booking confirmation is sent by e-mail automatically after payment of your stay. If you do not have an e-mail address, it will be sent to you by mail.
If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, please check the junk mail in your mailbox or ensure that your e-mail or postal address is spelled correctly.
Otherwise, you can ask us to send it back to you, by email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 844 488 867. You will also find all the information about your stay in your customer area.

I want to add options

You can do this by contacting our travel consultants directly by phone at +1 844 488 867, or by email [email protected]

Can I pre-book activities?

No, it is not possible to pre-book activities.

What are the check-in and check-out times ?

The keys will be given to you from 4 pm and you must return them before 10 am. If you arrive after reception hours, please inform the camp team.

I will probably arrive after the reception is closed, how should I proceed?

Contact the reception, preferably by phone, to see (depending on your arrival time) how to proceed.



How to cancel or change my booking ?

This depends on the rate you have purchased:
> With the STANDARD Rate you can reschedule for free up to 30 days before your stay, or up to 15 days before your stay with a $50 fee (has to be rescheduled for the same year and subject to availability. The difference in price will have to be paid) and cancel up to 30 days before your stay without fee.
> With the ZEN Rate you can reschedule up to 7 days before your stay for free (has to be rescheduled for the same year and subject to availability. The difference in price will have to be paid) and you can cancel up to 7 days before your stay for free.
General conditions of sale




What are the accepted payment methods ?

Credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD)
Cash (on site only, without prior reservation)

Can I pay with cash?

Cash is only accepted on site.



Can I pay in instalments?

No, you must pay in full at the time of booking.




What are the different types of accommodation?

We offer different types of accommodations divided into two main categories:
> For families: our Trappeur and Canadienne tents, our Chalets, our Vista Tiny House…
> For two: our Trappeur Duo, Bonaventure…
Find out more about our accommodations

What is the maximum capacity of the rental accommodations?

The maximum capacity of all our rental accommodations is between 2 and 6 people (including babies). Please review our accommodations pages to check the capacity of each type of accommodation. For safety and comfort reasons, it is not possible to exceed the capacity noted. If you exceed this maximum capacity, you will be required to book a second accommodation (with the option of paying for one preference fee per accommodation if you wish to be side by side).



What is included with my booking ?

With the reservation of your accommodation, are included: all the utilities (water, gas, electricity), one parking spot (not directly next to your accommodation), access to the communal facilities, to the swimming pool (check opening dates), to the playground, to the other equipments and to the proposed activities (free or for a fee). You can also select additional options offered at the time of booking.

Are sheets and towels provided ?

They are always included in the price of your accommodation. Swimming pool towels are generally not provided (except Huttopia Paradise Springs).

Are toiletries provided ?

You will find eco-friendly shower gel and shampoo in your bathrooms and communal bathhouses.

What equipment is available in my accommodation?

For each of our accommodations you can refer to the detailed inventory.
Find out more about our accommodations

Is my accommodation heated and does it have AC?

Some of our tented accommodations have wood stoves and others have a small heater on a 30 minutes timer. Our cabins and tiny homes have heating. Please check your accommodation and pack accordingly, temperatures can drop in the evening in the fall and spring so we recommend to pack warm clothes. None of our accommodations have AC.
Find out more about our accommodations

Can I rent a baby kit ?

Yes it is possible! We offer a baby kit which includes: the baby bed and a high chair. You can book this kit by phone or on our website (subject to availability).

Do I have to clean up when I leave my accommodation?

There are a lot of ways that staying in one of our tents, tiny houses or chalets is different than staying in a hotel, and leaving your space clean and organized before you check out is one. But don’t worry, it’s quick and easy! Here is what we expect guests to do prior to checking out:

  • Wash and put away all dishes, as well as pots and pans
  • Empty your refrigerator
  • Sweep the floor and patio
  • Strip the beds and place all sheets and pillowcases
  • Take your trash and bring it to the central trash area




I am visiting on a weekend, can I keep my accommodation longer on the last day?

Outside of school vacations, when you spend a weekend at Huttopia, you can keep your rental until 4pm (subject to availability, ask at check-in).

I wish to extend or shorten my stay

Extensions are always possible (subject to availability). If you have booked (rental or pitch), no refund will be possible in case of early departure. We suggest you to go to the reception to see about your options to extend or shorten your stay.

Are the properties accessible to people with reduced mobility?

All of our sites have sanitary facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility. However, the natural configuration of the sites (steep gradients, stony paths, etc.) can make getting around some of the villages very difficult. Before making your reservation, we recommend you contact our central office at 1-844-488-8674 for assistance.

I’m on site and I need assistance

Do not hesitate to contact the reception team on site, they will make every effort to assist you if you are missing some items in your accommodation, if you are unable to operate an equipment… You can also reach them by phone: you will find the phone number on your booking confirmation or on the destination page of our website, but also on the front door of the reception. Outside of reception hours, you can reach a member of our team at any time for emergencies. The use of the emergency phone will be explained to you when you check in.



What food options do you offer ?

Our Bistros offer a simple and friendly food service, every day in summer and every weekend off-season with a restaurant, or with a food truck: Pizzas, salads, crêpes, sandwiches are featured on the menu. Please refer to each destination on the website for opening dates and more information on what we offer at each camp.
We would also be happy to recommend restaurants in the area to discover local dishes!

Should I book a table ?

Reservations are not required but are recommended if you are booking for a large number of people. Some camps do not take reservations.

Should I book for breakfast ?

You can have breakfast on the spot without booking at the last minute!



Are activities complementary ?

Activities are organized every day during the summer, free of charge or for a small fee. Our staff will also give you information about activities to do in the area.

What services are available on site ?

You will find details of all the services (free or for a fee) that we offer on site in the SERVICE tab of each destination, which may differ from one destination to another. Here are some examples of the services you can find on site:
Tourist information point
Main lodge
TV area
Board games and library area
Wifi in communal areas
Camp store

Do guests have access to a WIFI network or cell phone coverage ?

You can connect to our wifi network which is only available in the common areas. Some camps have limited coverage, we advise you to ask our advisors before your stay at +1 844 488 867, or by email at  [email protected]

Is it possible to make a fire outside ?

Yes, you can build an outdoor fire in the area reserved for this purpose (unless not allowed by certain resorts). Each pitch has its own outdoor fire hole. Please note that some locations are on a territory where it is strictly forbidden to make fires (California).

Where can I buy wood ?

You can purchase bundles of wood at the reception desk. It is strictly forbidden to burn wood from another state or province.

Is there a quiet time ?

Yes, we do ask our guests to respect their neighbours sleep and to observe the quiet hours between 10pm and 7am.


What if I forgot a personal item when I left?

Contact the reception directly.

Will I get a copy of my invoice after my stay?

At the end of your stay we will send you an invoice email summarizing each transaction of your stay.

Why do I need to complete the satisfaction survey?

We value all feedback, which is why we send you a satisfaction questionnaire by e-mail after your departure.
Whether your stay met all your expectations or whether you encountered difficulties, do not hesitate to submit your opinion by filling out the questionnaire. We read each questionnaire carefully.
Your answers help us to further improve our offers and services and to better adapt them to your expectations.

How do I make a claim?

Our teams are committed to ensuring that your vacation is a memorable experience.
If you are not completely satisfied with your stay, we invite you to let us know via our complaint form in the CONTACT US section or by clicking here. We will do our best to process all requests as quickly as possible and provide a satisfactory response to each one.
If you are on site and you encounter a problem, our teams are at your disposal, so do not hesitate to consult them directly.

Didn’t find the answer to your question ?

You can reach us directly by filling out the contact form  or by phone at +1 844 488 867


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