Our nature-friendly


At Huttopia, we have been rethinking the Art of Camping since 1999
Comfortable and functional accommodations, nice and cozy beds, an indoor-outdoor style to enjoy the surrounding environment…
Made in France savoir-faire, natural and untreated materials…

Huttopia is fully involved in the design of its lodgings, all the way to North America !


A signature element of Huttopia glamping resorts is central parking areas located away from your accommodations so that guests can enjoy their surroundings and their experience peacefully and safely. Wheeled carts are available in all parking lots for the convenient unloading and loading of your things. We want all of our guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature during their stay, and not having vehicle noise or headlights close by makes a big difference.

Our family-friendly accommodations

Tents and cabins designed for families or groups of friends up to 6 people!


Our expansive Trappeur tent offers exceptional space for families along with comforts like electricity, real beds and mattresses, a kitchen, bathroom and heat in a beautiful natural environment.

Up to 5 ppl. | 425 sq. ft.   |   Kitchenette   |   2 bedrooms |   Electricity   |   Bathroom

Various models : Origin  |  With wood stove  |  Pacific 


Our Canadienne was inspired by the lifestyle of trappers in far Northern Canada who relied on sturdy tents with plenty of living space to brave the outdoors in comfort. Bring the family – there’s room for 5! 

Up to 5 ppl.  |  350 sq. ft. |  Kitchenette   |   2 bedrooms   |   Electricity   |   Shared bath house

Various models : Origin  |  With wood stove  |  Pacific 


We designed and created our Vista tiny houses to provide comfort and a connection to the outdoors in one unforgettable glamping experience.

Up to 5 ppl.  |  500 sq. ft.  |   2 bedrooms   |   Electricity   |   Bathroom   |   BBQ   |   Kitchen   |   Screened-in porch


Large families will love our chalets and everything they have to offer, from quality hardwood construction to full bathrooms and equipped kitchens for the perfect balance of comfort and convenience in the great outdoors.

Up to 6ppl.   |   625 sq. ft.   |   2 bedrooms   |   Electricity   |  Bathroom   |   BBQ   |   Kitchen   |  Heating


Our accommodations for two

Your little cocoon in the heart of nature


The comforts of home in the heart of nature. Our Trapper Duo features a king bed and real mattress, plus electricity that powers a mini-fridge, fan, heater (in season) and lights.

Up to 2 ppl. | 350 sq. ft.   |   Electricity   |   Bathroom   |   BBQ   |   Kitchen equipment   |   Large deck

Various models :  King   |   Queen (ADA)  |  With wood stove |   Nature (no running water and power)


Enjoy a romantic holiday escape to the great outdoors in our Bonaventure – a snug and cozy tent with the comfort of a real bed, mini-fridge, lights and more.

Up to 2 ppl.   |   215 sq. ft.  |   Electricity   |   Cooking equipment  |   Shared bath house



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